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  • Made in S.A.
  • Trusted brand since 2018
  • Wide media footprint
  • Official Store for Cute Mistakes™️


Oh, honey, don't just take our word for the fabulousness that is our products and service, let these lovely ladies do the talking!

  • Klerekas is my favorite go-to for unique, stylish and affordable clothes. They have a wide selection of cute and versatile pieces. I would definitely recommend their fashionable clothing to everyone out there.5/5 Lebo
  • Shopping at Klerekas is an amazing experience. Their beautiful, versatile and high-quality clothing resonates perfectly with my style. If you're looking for clothes that make a statement, then Klerekas.com is your ultimate destination. 5/5 Christine
  • As a loyal customer, I always rely on Klerekas for the perfect outfits. Their clothing line is chic, affordable, and locally made. I love that they have collections for every occasion, and once you’ve shopped with them, you will always come back for more.5/5 Lisa
  • Klerekas is one of my favorite online fashion stores. Since I discovered them, I have never had to worry about the perfect outfit for any occasion. Shopping with Klerekas is so convenient; their shipping is always fast, and their packaging presentation is simply stunning. I look forward to every purchase!5/5 Karla

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